Friday, 6 January 2012

Three Questions - and the answers

My friend and fellow blogger Meagan Adele Lopez, had recently written a great debut novel,
"Three Questions". Here we are at her book launch in Chicago before Christmas. (Not quite sure why we appear to have a death grip on each other!)

Without giving too much away,- the heroine, Adele, and her soon-to-be boyfriend exchange questions and answers while separated by several continents. At her book launch, Meagan had tiny cards printed out with the questions on them, so I swiped a few for future blogging purposes. Here's one -

Anyway, the Little Guy found them last night and of course, I took notes. He decided we'd both answer a few of the questions, and this is how it went:-

QUESTION - How Would You Describe Your Mom/Mum? (Can I just say - what kind of a feckin' question is this?)

Me - Erm, "well-dressed". (Yes, that would be a huge fat cop-out. So sue me.)
LG - (Describing me, don't forget). "Nice-smelling; very caring". Hmm. so far, so good although he might be getting me mixed up with his teacher. Then a huge, squirmy pause. "Well-dressed".
Me: (In baggy jeans.) "What? I said that about grandma".
LG - "Well, this might sound weird, .... but pretty."
Me: What's wrong with pretty?
LG - It's just weird saying it to your mom.

QUESTION - What is your favo(u)rite sandwich?

Me - "Anything with Branston pickle in it."
LG: Cream cheese and jelly, mom. How do you not know that? 
Me - I didn't know we were supposed to be guessing each other's questions.

QUESTION - If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be? (What? Just one thing?)

Me - "I can't possibly answer that". (I think I was supposed to say that I wouldn't change a thing. Oh well.)
LG: Probably when I hit my head last week.
Me - But you're OK now, and it probably wasn't the worst thing in your life was it?
LG: - (Looking daggers at me). Mom, no video games, no DS, no running around. (Nuff said.)

QUESTION - What was your first impression of me? (Not the greatest question between a mother and son, but he picked it out.)

Me - (Not wanting to say that I was so exhausted I didn't really lock the memory away). "Erm, red".
LG: Declined to answer because he said he was too young to remember. Doh!

QUESTION - If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be and why? (LG added a "where" to this question).

Me - I would rather walk on hot coals than get a tattoo. There's no one who could force me. (Folds arms primly.)
LG: It would be a dragon face, on the palm of my hand, so that I could do this (closes and opens hand) so it would look like it was biting.

So there, you go. Pick up or download a copy of Three Questions. Apart from it being a great book, there's hours and hours of family entertainment in every chapter. Or, if you're feeling really brave - ask them of your own loved one!


  1. I would NEVER ask either of my kids to describe me....their answer would be far too scary!

  2. I know Lottie. I did brace myself, but he's still little and very attached to me. Now the teens on the other hand.....

  3. I just laughed very loudly in my office after reading these! Amazing. Thank you for doing this - seriously just made my day. And, Lottie - you should! Who knows, maybe they'll call you pretty and say you smell nice. Toni - so much better than the alternative (not pretty and rank).

    LOVE THIS! I have to admit, when I wrote those questions, I never imagined a mother and son would be answering them...but brilliant.

  4. This is really great! And as a tattoo'd lady myself, I love Cal's tattoo idea. Very cool!

  5. I love the LG's idea for a tattoo...very cleverz...
    Ok, now I'm tempted..

  6. And why are we gripping each other like that??

  7. I don't think I'd be brave enough to ask any of those questions and I certainly wouldn't want to hear the answers. Very brave you are.

  8. Meagan - ha ha. No idea. I do remember there being several attempts at the photo, so perhaps we were gritting our teeth and gripping each other instead of hitting "the photographer" over the head!
    Maddy - yes, the whole exercise just came out of nowhere. I don't think I would have planned it!

  9. Agree with Lottie, anything my kids say is waaay too - honest. My son said last night, why do you blog, you're not getting a job for it, just go into sales, instead. He's seven. I almost cried.

  10. The Book sounds good and kind of you to do a bit of promo for it. LG is very funny and terribly honest it sounds.
    Fav sandwich? A Reuben. Just thinking about one now makes me salivate.
    Boy 's fav? Anything with meat. He is 17 and girls, A Reuben (she is her mother's daughter after all) or cheddar and rocket with dressing. Way too grown up for me.

  11. That is so sweet he called you pretty. I hate to think what my daughters would say.

  12. I love Meagan's idea with these questions, just such an excellent talking point! Or blogging point... :)


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